the pledge

Join the movement to show you’re committed to Do Business #LikeACanadian. 

Take the pledge and show your support for these Canadian business values:

  • Collaborative

  • Eco Conscious

  • Ethical

  • Gender Balanced

  • Globally Minded

  • Inclusive

  • Innovative

  • Purpose Driven

There is no cost but rather it’s a commitment to live these values and seek to collaborate with others who also Do Business #LikeACanadian.

You’re already part of this movement if you’re a champion of market access for Canadian resources; or greater investments into innovation; or meaningfully contributing toward a world where no one is left behind and economic growth is decoupled from environmental harm. Add your name to make it official. 

Now is the time to unite around our Canadian business values. Let’s work together to position ourselves for a future economy where doing business like a Canadian means not only being the best in the world, but the best for the world.

By making this pledge, you agree to have your name listed as a supporter of the Canadian business values and receive updates from CBSR about the campaign. Your information will not be provided to any other party for any other purpose.