Taking Canadian business values on the road

We asked three experts: How can companies ensure they comply with Canadian law and their own ethics policies, while also competing in a global marketplace where they may come against challenges including issues like bribery and corruption, and different social and economic norms and standards?

LISA WARE-ALEXANDER, VP & General Counsel, Nutrien

LISA WARE-ALEXANDER, VP & General Counsel, Nutrien


VP & General Counsel

Ensuring employees are kept current on legal and ethical risks, as well as trends, is important to us. We achieve this through easy-to-understand policies, live and online training targeted to mitigate risk, ongoing risk assessments, and by providing multiple avenues for employees to seek guidance, ask questions and report concerns anonymously, if allowable under local law. We support all our teams with an open-door policy. Integrity is one of Nutrien’s core values, and it is central to who we hire, promote, reward and retain. Conducting business with integrity is a must. We also provide practical multilingual resources for teams and international travellers in countries at higher risk for bribery and corruption. Our success in the marketplace is based on the strength of our people, ideas, products and services. 

SHURJEEL CHOUDHRI,  Head of Medical and Scientific Affairs,  Bayer Inc.

SHURJEEL CHOUDHRI, Head of Medical and Scientific Affairs, Bayer Inc.


Head of Medical and Scientific Affairs
Bayer Inc.

As a global organization, Bayer operates in over 120 different countries around the world. Our values and principles are upheld across a network of strong ethical practices and corporate governance, throughout our organization. Across Bayer, and indeed throughout the industry, Canada is recognized for its quality and expertise in clinical research. In 2016, Canada captured 4 per cent of all the industry’s clinical trials and ranked fourth in number of clinical trial sites globally. Our nation’s ability to conduct clinical research in complex therapeutic areas involving a diverse population base makes Canada very attractive to this area of research. This is a strong testament to our country’s reliable and stable health-care systems, along with our high standard of ethics.

JUSTIN TAYLOR,  Senior Risk Manager, Business Integrity,  Export Development Canada

JUSTIN TAYLOR, Senior Risk Manager, Business Integrity, Export Development Canada


Senior Risk Manager, Business Integrity
Export Development Canada

At Export Development Canada, we know that responsible and sustainable business is a proven formula for long-term success. Conversely, even the perception of corruption can have real consequences for Canadian companies doing business abroad. Having a clear policy of zero-tolerance for bribery and corruption, regular training with employees, ways for employees to get guidance in tough situations, and whistle-blower channels to report concerns can help companies manage both the legal and reputational risks of bribery and corruption. These tools should be accompanied by a clear ‘tone from the top’ from company leaders to reinforce a culture of integrity and compliance.   

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