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Globalization not only brings opportunities for businesses to use the diversity of the world economy to their advantage, it also carries opportunities for having a positive impact on the local communities in which they operate. An example is Interface, a multinational flooring company and leader in sustainable business, which helps communities in Thailand through an employee-led initiative called Weaving a Better Life. This program supplies villages with waste yarn, which is then repurposed into hammocks and teddy bears by local Thai residents. The extra income provides greater financial stability for those in the community while also repurposing waste yarn.

"Interface is focused on creating a truly circular approach to our business through the reuse and recycling of materials, "says Atiyeh Ghanbari, marketing manager at Interface Canada. "Not only has Weaving a Better Life given us an outlet for waste yarn, it's also provided additional income to more than 1,000 families in Chonburi and Surin who help create new products from the leftover materials. Plus, the teddy bears created from the yarn are a huge hit among customers."

Through this initiative, Interface has successfully diverted more than 100,000 kilograms of waste yarn from landfills since 2013. The program is also embraced by Interface employees in Canada, who promoted the initiative by launching a Facebook photo contest for clients to post photos of their stuffed bears in their favourite space. The clients who received the highest number of Facebook likes were recognized at a party along with their hilarious photos.

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