Democratizing access to funding: online platforms and funding portals are transforming CSR



By Teri Kirk, CEO of Fundingportal

Canadian companies with corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs are increasingly adopting digital solutions to reach their stakeholders and provide more efficient processes for their applicants and administrators alike. 

Best practices in CSR have evolved over three eras. Post-World War II, corporations began to extend their shareholder mandates to include social responsibility; CSR was a nascent trend. By 2010, CSR providers  were posting information on their programs and objectives on their corporate websites and using social media to complement these strategies; CSR had entered the digital era.  Now, in 2019, CSR providers are seeking to understand how today’s digital tools—SaaS (software as a service), data and analytics, and even AI (artificial intelligence)—can be applied to CSR.  

CSR providers are not alone in seeking more modern digital solutions. Their stakeholders also expect to find, assess, and apply to programs using digital platforms, online search tools, and secure digital applications forms and filing channels.

What, then, are the benefits of today’s digital solution for CSR Applicants and Administrators? 

Fundingportal, a popular Canadian digital platform, set out to ask and answer that very question. The result has been Fundsuite CSR, a two-side digital platform providing end-to-end solutions for applicants and administrators along the entire granting lifecycle. It powers platforms for funding agencies, foundations, corporate social responsibility providers, and those with similar mandates.  

The Fundsuite CSR system consists of an administrative systemand client portal.   The two components—the System and the Portal—are fully integrated, comprising what is sometimes called a two-sided or mirrored system. 

The Applicant Portal provides your CSR stakeholders with five advanced digital CSR tools: Register to set up or update their Applicant Profile; Search to prequalify for one or more of your programs; Apply to complete and file a digital application form for the programs for which they are qualified; Awards to receive funding and complete contracts or compliance; and Subscribe to receive news, and alerts about your programs other corporate information you wish to share with stakeholders.

The Administrator System provides your CSR professional team with modern digital management tools. These include Programs to maintain and track all Program information all in one place; Applications to create and modify program-specific application forms and complete intake; and Assessment to assess applications and track and report on funding outcomes. 

Digital CSR platforms “level the playing field” and democratize your CSR program by providing clear and consistent information on your programs, posting eligibility criteria, and providing 24/7 access, across all time zones, languages and regions. 

Here are five resources to learn how to modernize your CSR program today: 

  1. Visit to learn more

  2. Book free demo to understand how your corporation can benefit from Fundsuite CSR 

  3. Call 1-855-850-FUND (3863) and ask for information on Fundsuite CSR

  4. Email

  5. Read about Funding portal's partnership with CBSR to help company’s modernize their CSR 

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