Canadian Extreme Climate Systems: Getting a GRIP on vehicle fleet performance

Leading-edge idle-reduction technology developed by Canadian Extreme Climate Systems Inc. (CECS) is helping fleet operators like police forces and municipalities save millions of dollars and reduce the environmental impacts of operating their motor vehicles.

The Ancaster, Ont.-based engineering and design firm launched its all-new GRIP Idle Management System in early 2018, with help from Innovation Guelph’s Fast Lane program.

The patented GRIP system, first introduced in 2012 for light- and heavy-duty vehicles, automatically shuts off the engine after a predetermined amount of idling time when the vehicle is in neutral or park. This can reduce engine run-time by 30 per cent or more, lowering carbon emissions and fuel consumption while extending the life of the vehicle, resulting in significant savings for fleet owners.

The new GRIP system has the flexibility to meet individual fleet and operator preferences and requirements and provides comprehensive real-time data so fleet managers can understand exactly how their vehicles are being used,” said Brian Bassindale, President of CECS and creator of the GRIP.

Interestingly, the GRIP is ideally suited to meet the needs of police officers – keeping them safe, comfortable and response-ready. The system works in conjunction with climate controls to start the vehicle as necessary for heating and cooling; safety systems keep airbags, lights and sirens active while delivering rapid start-up and anti-theft security.

“It’s been great to interact with and tap into the expertise of talented people who can help us achieve our goals and aspirations,” he says. “Now we’re in a position to grow a stronger, more profitable company than we would have been able to on our own.”

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Tanya Camp